Full text: Brief von Josef Steindl an Amit Bhaduri

I may be quite wring but I feel that you should find arguments to 
counter such possible objections 
ry own view f r what it is worth - and unf rtunately it is 
not concrete en ugh but rather the kind f "either Or" reas>ning 
t be f real practical help - is this: 
It all depends n whether the f reign firms d spread new know h w 
(in a very practical sense ije. on the product!'n level and 
c nnercial level) in the c untry r whether in the c nirary, 
the new techn 1 gical industries w ch they create by the high 
level f techn 1 gical. skill they emb dy disc urage any attempt 
t enter these fields f industry ( f r eyample icr -electronics ). 
I have an example f the latter case before my eyes: ;In Austria 
the v/h le f electrical engineering industries was always stro gly 
dominated by f reign firms Blueprints came fr m the p rent firms, 
testing had t be made there In consequence Austrian capital 
and enterprise hardly ever dared t enter these fields} Ns 
in electronics we are therefore so hopelessly behind that we 
could never st rt anything without foreing help All this in spite 
of the fact that on the academic level in the universities there 
excellent specialists in this field but they are willy nilly 
cooperating with the multinational firms ajid. strengthening their 
position further. i 
While I see the great dangers of permanent dependence 
at the sa,me time I am als > aware of the fact ( it seems to me a fact!) 
that with nt s >me sort >f cooperation with foreign'^fiTas you 
have hardly a chance t establish technological industries 
Only the Japanese have done it by a system f massive n ustrial 
spying and an incredible applicati n I feel that me may have 
t 1 ok f r s luti>ns which d make use f f reign kwo-h w ( w rking 
f r example an the interest f nr'ducers equipment ) but keep 
a certain c ntr 1 vwr the pr cess by meaps f asystematic planning 
f the spread f industrial knww h w The Japanese technology policy 
has t ffer a 1 t of sugge3ti ns h w it majy be dne Thus the 
c nditi ns f r a successful introduction of f reign know h w are 
n t an unlimited laissez faire p licy but in the c ptrai-y 
a carefully th ught out and very "brainy" planning afi the industrial 
techn 1 gy . 
What speaks m st against the liberalisati n 3 the idea 
that India leeds technological solutions entirely,of her >wn and 
a mere imitation £ the western methods would be;ultimate! 
ly fatal

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