Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Jerzy Osiatyński

A-1105 YYien, Postfach 91 
Dec. 5th, 1977 
Dr J.Osiatjmski 
Polska Akaderaia Nauk 
ul.Nowy Swiat 72 
Dear % Ssiatjrnskl, 
I should agree immediately t> the inclusion f quotations from 
my letters in the edition of Wrks f Michal Kalecki if nly I 
c uld see what is t> be qu ted I cannot find the copies of the letters 
y u menti>n Could y u n t let me have ph to-copies f the letters in 
questi n? I have a vague reollecti n that I said some foolish things 
at the tine and might be reluctant t have them repeated 
Incidentally , I had some correspondence with ^r ^omulka 
some time ago ablut his results relating t the stability or 
explosiveness of Kalecki s equation, on certain conditions. 
I believe that Gomulka's ultimate aim of proving Kalecki wrong about 
the trend is misguided, but his formal results about the equation and 
the conditions for stability are worth mentioning and should be 
included in the K a i e cki edition. Have v ou seen his work on this matter ( 
With best wishes for the New Year 


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