Volltext: Brief von Jerzy Osiatyński an Josef Steindl

„Gryf” Hibnera 3, zam. 739/75, n. 2000 
OTistorii Nauki 
Warszawa, dnia 6....1;3.F.C.h, 
197.3... r. 
Oswiaty i Techniki 
ol. Nowy Swiat 72, pok. 19. tel. 26-83-05 
00-330 WARSZAWA 
Dr. J. Osiatyiiski 
* * 
* % o 
Professor Joseph Steindl 
Osterreichisches Institut 
ftir Wirtschaftsforschung 
A-1103 Wien 
Postfach 9T 
Dear Professor Steindl, 
Thank you for your letters of 20th January and 1st February. I did 
not answer them any earlier because I have been waiting for a letter 
from Dr. Gomulka with some extra details. 
I am very happy to be able .to use your note on Dr. Gomulka’s work 
and am most obliged for the effort you have taken to prepare it. Your 
note will be incorporated into the editirial comment which goes with 
the Kalecki’s Trend and Business Cycle, 1968, EJ, paper. I have allo 
wed myself to introduce some minor changes /merely of stylistic charao 
. ter/ in its Polish translation. Also, in order to fit your note into 
the text wich proceeds it I have supplied it with an opening paragraph 
which reads as follows: 
This problem 55 was taken up by St. Gomulka, London School of Econo 
mics, in his unpublished paper: Trend and Business Cycle: A Note on 
Kalecki’s Theory of Growth under Pure Capitalism. This paper gave 
start to a discussion in w r hich J. Steindl made great contribution into 
the interpretation of St. Gomulka»s results concerning the conditions 
for stability of the solution to Kalecki’s business cycle cum trend 
equation. Because some formal results about the eqation and the condi 
tions for stability are of more general interest, a short comment on 
this subject follows below." 
* In the paragraph immediately above I mention the discussions on 
stability problem of the solution to Kalecki’s business cycle cum trend 
00110+1 rm in his 1Q68 EJ naner /these discussions took place in the 
this problem" refers to. 


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