Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Tibor Scitovsky

You may nevertheless be right. However that be the ab ve 
remarks d n't do justice to your approach which is based >n 
bargaining considerations of some kind. It seems to e at -ny 
rate different from the usual way >f thinking. 
■ ore gener lly I feel that your appeal to technical 
progress as he explanation of the assynetry may be misleading. 
In former historical eriods it hasnot operated like that- 
So much for the present, If ’ ave more comments 
I shall send them, but I wanted to av id delay. 
F r the nnm nt let me say that it w mid be a pity indeed if you 
didn't pursue th a appr ach, beca e the questions are relevant 
nd hardly anybody else wants to d it.xx The yam .or gon ati m 
seems to be incapable f doing this kind £ relevant analytical 
work, a y-u v/ill have t d it willy nllly! 
I shall let you hear again I ar ing t 
II Hand at the end f March, but I shan’t have tine t c e 
t England Perhaps 1 .ter 
Kind regards ti you and Elisabeth, 
Y urs


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