Full text: Brief von Josef Steindl an Tibor Scitovsky

A - 1050 Wien, Schwarzhomga30e 10/17 
February 15), 19G1* 
Dear ibor, 
It is a great pleasure to hear from y u again. It will 
be nice to see you both ir summer, although as you rightly guess, 
I don't want to commit myself. 
Since you are such a voracious reader ( in contrast to 
myself, as far as ec nomics i3 coi cerne . at any rate ) 
I send y u my last tw papers. with apologies in view if 
the unclean c ipies but they are the quickest available. 
As yiu will see I have been phil s phising a lot about the 
way ir. which technology and the ec no my are sewn togohter, 
the exogenous and the endogenous, hist ry and mechanism, 
it is quite an interesting subject You will n tiwe of c iuroe 
that the growth paper is very loos , you may wonder what I really 
mean, but I did not want t; go into the mathematics in a 
paper for a ahk review. 
I am very much interested in the course of events ir. h.S. 
but so far I can form no clear picture of what is ideally likely to 
hap an. Hite a lot, and not nice, but that is all I am sure about. 
Don't forget to tell me when you come. I shall 
incidentally, buy a new phono cartrige, the 3hure H97IIE, 
instigated by the Stereo Review. i his is supply side economy, 
or whatever they call it! 
r?ith kind regards 

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