Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Tibor Scitovsky

Your objection against my scenario of enforced diffusion 
does not impress me, although what you have in mind - the 
overcapacity crisis - is doubtless a very realistic possibility 
for a branch of business. However you have to reckon with the 
capacity effects oftechnical progress in any case, and it has 
just to be countered by now investment , from newinnovation. 
You seem to overlook that the diffusion ultimately reduods the 
profit margins again to normal level, and therefore 
favours expansion. May be your objections are valid more for one 
branch than for the economy as a whole. 
I hope y^u have recovered from the flue completely 
and p.re in g od spirits. I feel reasonably well after a bad 
january-february I bought a Shure cartridge M97HE with 
considerable success, stimulated to this and to renewed purchases 
of records by my subscription to Stere Review. 
Let me thank y>u for the considerable help you give 
me by reading s patiently meine schlampige papers. 
With best wishes to you and Elisabeth 


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