Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Tibor Scitovsky

A-1^50 Wien s chwarzhorng Il/17 
June 9 « 1981 
Dear ^ib or, 
1 am sorry to have been silent for such a long time, but I can now 
tell you that I have booked a room at Hotel Edelweiss Sils-Maria 
from Aug 2 to August 14 I am not sure whether I shall not go 
to Switzerland already before that, somewhere else like Locarno, 
but I shall almost certainly be in Vienna on July 14 to see you 
( My telefone ; 55 70 473 ). I am not sure whether I know what 
restaurant Elisabeth means, but I remember you went to KuSdorf 
and may be I find a good n eurigen plus ^estaurant in E ro icagasse. 
Anyhow we shall not starve, but you must Iways be careful with 
me because in daily life I sometimes make the s me kind of errors 
as in my algebra} the other day ^ had some friends waiting for 
5/4 of an hour, because I messed up my information. It cannot even 
be put down to age because I have always been like this. 
However, I hope to be fit f^r >ur excursions 
How are you both? You must tell me a little about y ur book when 
we meet I shall g t Trieste at the end of August to take part 
-but only in part- in a D tmmer school of the general pp siti^n 
to the establ shment reaching fr un ^aregnagi to Minsky, 
m >stly a very pleasant crowd 
I have bought a 4nre M 97 HE which is very satisfact ry It is 
w rth the m mey 
With my ver, r best wishes to both f you 


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