Volltext: Brief von Tibor Scitovsky an Josef Steindl

1175 N. Lemon Ave., 
Menlo Park, Cal. 94025 
July 1, 1984 
Dear Josef 
Thank you very much for sending me your two new papers. 
I very much enjoyed both of them and certainly share Moe Abramovitz's 
enthusiasm for your "Reflections", which he carries around and makes all 
his colleagues to read. 
I have been busy writing a review of Abba Lerner's lifetime 
work and trying to explain the buyers' market in capitalist economies, 
which is so greatly admired by Kornai and other Hungarian economists, as 
the natural outcome of monopolistic competition and monopolistic exploi 
tation of buyers. When either of these reaches a satisfactory stage, I 
shall send you a copy. 
This year, unfortunately, we are unable to come to Europe, 
mainly because we had difficulty in finding a suitable tenant to take care 
of our house. Asa result, we decided to enjoy our own garden for a change 
and will be away only for a very short to Japan. Next year, however, we 
very definitely plan and hope for another trip to Switzerland and Hungary 
and for a meeting with you if at all possible. 
From your wonderful intellectual output, I judge that you 
are in good shape and hope that you are also in good health, planning a 
good and interesting summer vacation. We are reasonably well in health 
and spirits, Elisabeth retires from her job at the end of the year and 
is looking forward to a more leisurely existence.


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