Volltext: Brief von Tibor Scitovsky an Josef Steindl

Dear Josef, 
June 17, 1985 
Many thanks for your letter and for your kindness in reading 
and commenting on my paper quite so soon. I stand corrected as far 
as the income redistribution argument is concerned and will try to 
insert a footnote to that effect. As to your comments concerning the 
argument that starts on p.16, I don't quite agree with you but let 
us discuss that when we meet in Vienna. 
We saw my daughter Cathie this afternoon who is sending you 
her regards. We are greatly looking forward to our trip and to seeing 
you again. Incidentally, I did meet your Indian friend for lunch 
with Don Harris the other day but I don't find lunches very good occasions for 
economic discussions or even for just getting acquainted with someone. 
I always have the feeling that Americans want to settle everything 
in the course of lunches, because they begrudge spending any other part of their 
time for anything but work. 
We shall give you a ring soon after our arrival in Vienna, 
where as you know we will spend a full week. We plAn to revisit all 
the museums and try to get better acquainted with the city. 
All our best until then, 
Yours ever,


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