Full text: Brief von Josef Steindl an Tibor Scitovsky

JA 28,1986 
Dear Tibor, 
I an vastly amused to find that you are as little informed 
about our convon history as I am. I always thought I am unique. 
°he Auorleich ( compromise ) dates from 1067 and settles thh 
relations bota^'r'a the two countries for the rest of the 
life of the empire, y nearest ( bookshelf) source is R.Kann, 
history of the Hand burg empire,p.332 -342,also 422, 461. 
Top p.333 spells out the scurillous character of this 
agreement of the dual monarchy: Association of two stetos 
iniSBSRISftP hu.trwith restricted sovereignt. , wink common ruler 
but not only forscralunio.n nlroHrJUuiion, not an international 
treaty of fc '.'"ration or conf ederatior.differ-'in- interpretations 
si' : >n corpromio ? in the two constitutions, 1 iuddel-muddel. 
X iii.; 4 io b-?. ■ ifvt'irl r o v i r i r h w *i n * *> willch. 
'lT*0”bfl.rV. V ? 0"n C 31'] ' ' ' r 1* r> .'t H*?'? f ^ ’Q f, • -> - ■* •* -1 •!** g c» 1; n 0r) 3 
( r\L.i• r v? • V.-; *i\Ty •?/;v ijvtsrcsAe* * i.i „?r ii t»ns me Awstoiia in 
nn •? t,o 11ion , .11, i,on o.X3(3 H11 n ^n.n■ r 0.t-•:> A >r*qo 3A01 nn foT 
nrvlew L'^iri n*iA .1, 1 00 .1 ndiiPAi*! 7 0 ’iAifvni ^*0 ** h rsforn 
in 1832: ( orange to gold, from gulden to krone )„ is ere were 
also questions of the sharing of common cost for defense etc. 
Apparently the advantage shifted in favour of Hungary in the 
course of the renegotiations. The compromise may have been 
a forefather tro our more recent internal policy of "consensus” 
also informal, muddled but somehow working. 
Thank you very much for your generous gift of V o OvatMn. 
I do hope you will see a lot of Aiait, he should. like it too, 
he can’t have a great abundance of conversational partners there.

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