Full text: Brief von Josef Steindl an Alessandro Roncaglia

Since you commented critically about Pasinetti : Nardozzi 
has written a very appreciative account of his book 
( he will probably publish it in Bevista di stofia economica) 
in which he very surprisingly interprets the very abstract 
Pasinetti theory as a historical account of capitalism 
( it is all technology ). 
Going back to Sraffa: My personal feeling is that his 
philosophy of distribution is dominated by tell schema 
of Marx : Two claaes, and a zero-sum game. This is why 
he disliked Keynes's Gen.Th. However that be the shcema 
of Marx has had a very bad influence because it distracts 
attention fernm a number of very important things: 
a) The existance of other classes such as the smallholders 
in agriculture ( less important: professionals and managers ) 
which account for a very large population in the world. 
b) The inter- national distribution problem, which, 
in view of the trird world especially, is to-day of 
very great importance for the course of history. 
c) The underutilisation ( Keynes ) which means no zero sum game. 
d) The deep conflicts of interest between different gromps 
within both the capitalist and the wage earner camp. 
( intra-cla3s conflicts ) 
But I must add that I know tattle about Sraflfa, only hearsay. 
In Perugia I got an idea about a paper to quite: All policy 
of stimulating private investment has actually pushed the 
additional put into foreign makrets iirith the ultimate effect

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