Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Toshio Ogata

Prof Toshio Ogata 
Department of Economics R 2929 
Chtra University 
7422Higashinakano Hachioji 
Tokio» 192-03 Jagan Vienna, Feb 6, 1983 
Dear Professor Ogata, 
thank you very much for your card and your wishes which I reciprocate! 
(also for the photographs which are a nice way of recalling our time 
in Trieste ). As far as my Collected Pppers are concerned this is 
a plan which will take years to realise because I want to change 
a lot in these papers. There are however no papers in German which 
I intend to include. The matter is in no way urgent but in fact 
it would really be to early to worry about it now. Since it is 
an American publisher f I think it is Sharpe which you approached 
about this ) I am not surprised that he is reluctant in the present 
mood of his country. It is all bolshewism to them. 
I am sorry to hear about monetarism in your country. We are now 
beginning to get more unemployment owing to the pressure from outside. 
With all my best wishes 
Josef Steindr' ■ •'( (


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