Volltext: Brief von Josef Steindl an Bertram Schefold

Prof B.Schefold 
FB2 Goethe Universitat 
Postfaah 11 19 32 
D-6000 Frankfurt 11 
Dear Bertram, 
Thank you for your letter. From my point of view your 
suggestions imply an unusual amount of bother. Why can not 
Heinz Kurz or you tell me in writing what your questions are? 
Unfortunately your letter does notrgive me the slightest 
indication of what it is really about. If it is a matter 
of algebraic plunders, unclear formulation, inconsistency etc 
and other formal points it should be possible to communicate 
this in a few lines without need for diplomatic missions. 
I shall be quite grateful for any reminders to put more 
order into my algebra than I usually have. Beyond that 
you no doubt realise that no amount of editorial efforts 
will enable you to hide from the readers the substantial 
difference of opinion which exists between contributors. 
Nor is this in itself necessarily a disadvantage. Indeed 
it might be considered a virtue of the volume if it 
were able to bring out the differences of existing opinions. 
With best wisbhe 
Josef Steindl


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