Volltext: Exil Großbritannien - Brief von Tracy B. Kittredge (Rockefeller Foundation) an Josef Steindl

April £5, 1608. 
Dear Dr. Steindl: 
I hove received your letter of April 16th in which you refer 
to the possibility that you may loss your position at the Institute for 
Treda Cycle Reseerch, | 
I regret that I am unable at the moment to give you any 
information as to whether 1t aight be possible for you to find a position 
as Research BaBLOtosS in an fnstitution ebroad. 1% would perhaps be 
aseful if you ware 10 commanioate your eurrieulum vites to The Society 
for the Protestion of Selende and Learning, é Gorden Square, London, 
HeGol, which is prepared to assist sonolers in every was possible 
to find new openings in other countries. 
I remain, 
ory #1. 
freoy B. Kitéredgs. 
br, Josef Steindl 
Strassdygadss uo 
vienna XIX. 
Bodleian Library 
Oxford University Library Services


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