Full text: Patterns of culture

V. Dosu .. il- 
Where ill-will and treachery are virtues PR get 
ity — Trapping the bridegroom — The humilia ng oR 
of the husband -— Fierce exclusiveness of ownership Trt 
liance on magic — Ritual of the garden — Disease-char a 
and sorcerers — Passion for commerce — Wabuwabu, : 
sharp trade practice — Death — Mutual Jeethmloptions 
among survivors — Laughter excluded — Prudery — A cu 
throat struggle. 
A sea-coast civilization — The Kwakiutl of Sansa 2s 
land — Typical Dionysians — Cannibal Society — t the 
: he Pueblos — The economic contest 
opposite pole from : lorification — Sham. 
A parody on our own society — Self-glori ro hts of b 
ing one’s guests — Potlatch exchanges — Heights of bra. 
vado — Investing in a bride — Prerogatives through mar- 
riage, murder, and religion — Shamanism — Fear of ridicule 
— Death, the paramount affront — The gamut of emotions. 
VII. Tue Nature or Sociery 
Integration and assimilation — Conflict of inharmonious 
elements — Our own complex society — The organism v, 
the individual — The cultural v. the biological interpreta- 
tion — Applying the lesson of primitive tribes — No fixed 
‘types’ — Significance of diffusion and cultural configura- 
tion — Social values — Need for self-appraisal. 
VIII. THe INDIVIDUAL AND THE Parrery or Currurs 
Society and individual not antagonistic but interdependent 
Ready adaptation to a pattern — Reactions to frustration 
Striking cases of maladjustment — Acceptance of homo- 
sexuals — Trance and catalepsy as means to authority — 
The place of the ‘misfit’ in society — Possibilities of 
tolerance — Extreme representatives of a cultural type: 
Puritan divines and successful modern  egoists — Social 
relativity a doctrine of hope, not despair. 

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