Full text: Primate behavior and the emergence of human culture

The Evolution of Behavior 
Perspective, 1 
The Evolutionary Process, 1 
Reconstructing the Past, 3 
A Brief History of the Primates, 5 
Topics for Discussion or Projects, 11 
2. The Social Life of Old World Monkeys and Apes 
Introduction, 12 
Dominance and Dominance Hierarchies, 13 
The Mother-Infant Bond and the Matrifocal Subunit, 20 
The Sexual Bond between Males and Females, 31 
The Separation of Roles between Adults and Young, 35 
The Separation of Roles by Sex, 38 
Conclusion, 41 
Topics for Discussion or Projects, 41 
3. Social Traditions and the Emergence of Culture 
Biology and Experience, 42 
The Context of Learning: The Social Group, 44 
Attention Structure, 45 
Observational Learning, 47 
Play, 49 
Social Traditions and the Evolution of Culture, 51 
Chimpanzee Tool Use, 51 
Human Skill and Culture, 53 
Topics for Discussion or Projects, 55 
4. Primate Communication and the Emergence of Language 
Introduction, 56 
Studies of Primate Communication, 58 

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