Volltext: Things

Bill Brown 
Sidney R. Nagel 23 
Matthew L. Jones 40 
Daniel Tiffany 72 
Jessica Riskin 99 
Peter Sclivenger 135 
Bruno Latour 131 
Peter Stallybrass and 174 
Aun Rosalind Jones 
Jonathan Lamb 193 
1: TL Mitchell 227 
Christina Kiaer 245 
Jetfrex T. Schnapp 304 
Charity Scribner 330 
John Frow 346 
Rey Chow 369 
Vichael Taussig 381 
[.eslex Stern 393% 
tan Trachtenberg 431 
I'hing Theory 
Shadows and Ephemera 
Descartes’s Geometry as Spiritual 
Lyric Substance: On Riddles, 
Materialism, and Poetic Obscuriny 
I'he Defecating Duck, or, the 
Ambiguous Origins of Artificial Life 
Words and the Murder of the Thing 
Whv Has Critique Run out of Steam 
From Matters of Fact to Matters of 
Fetishizing the Glove in Renaissance 
Modern Metamorphoses and 
Disgracetul Tales 
Romanticism and the Life of Things: 
Fossils. lotems, and Images 
The Russian Constructivist Flapper 
I'he Romance of Caffeine and 
Object, Relic, Fetish, Thing: Joseph 
Beuvs and the Museum 
A Pebble, a Camera, a Man Who Turns 
into a Telegraph Pole 
Fateful Attachments: On Collecting, 
Fidelity, and Lao She 
“Dving Is an Art, Like Evervthing 
“Paths That Wind through the Thicke: 
of Things” 
Ihings on Film: Shadows and Voice in 
Wright Morris's Field of Vision


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