Full text: Civilization and Capitalism, 15th - 18th century, 1, The structures of everyday life : the limits of the possible (1)

{he Structures of Freervday Life 
Three great technological innovations 
The origins of gunpowder, 385 - Arullery becomes 
mobile, 387 - Artillery on board ship, 388 - Argue 
buses, muskets, rifles, 392 - Production and costs, 393 
Artillery on a world scale, 396 From paper to the 
brinting press, 39= - The invention of moveable type, 
399 - Printing and history, 301 - The triumph ot the 
West: ocean navigation, 4oz - The navies of the Old 
orld, go2 — The water routes of the world, joo - 
The simple problem of the Atlantic, 409. 
Fixed itineraries, 416 - On not exaggerating the im- 
portance of transport problems, 419 ~ Water trans: 
port, 421 - Antiquated means of transport, 422 
Europe, 423 - Low speeds and capacities, 424 - Car- 
riage and carriers, 425 - Transport: a brake on the 
economy, 428. 
Problems of the history of technology 
Technology and agriculture, 430 - Technology in it- 
self, 431. 
Imperfect currencies and economies 
Primitive currencies, 442 - Barter within monetary 
sconomies, 444. 
Outside Europe: early economies and metallic money 
Japan and the Turkish Empire, 448 - India, 450 - 
China, 452. 
Some rules of the currency game 
Competition between metals, 458 - Flight, saving and 
hoarding, 461 - Money of account, 464 - Stocks of 
metal and the velocity of monetary circulation. 466 
Outside the market economy, 468. 
Paper money and instruments of credit 
Old practices, 471 - Cash and credit, 474 - Schum- 
peter’s diagnosis: everything is money and everything 
is credit, 475 - Money and credit: a language, 477. 

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