Full text: How things shape the mind

intentionality and secondary agents 135 
Agency and intentionality 136 
Rethinking “things” as agents 144 
Ask not “What is an agent?” but “When is an agent?” 14/ 
A conceptual talisman 148 
Il Marking the Mental: Where Brain, Body, and Culture Conflate 
7 Knapping Intentions and the Handmade Mind 
Homo faber: Prosthetic gestures 153 
The tools of the Stone Age 155 
Where does the knapper end and the stone tool begin? 13! 
Tools for a plastic mind 164 
The “handaxe enigma” revisited 169 
Reassembling the mind of the toolmaker 172 
Enactive intentionalities: The merging of flesh with stone 1/3 
Tools are us: A “cyborg” species 177 
| 52 
8 Thoughtful Marks, Lines, and Signs 17% 
Mark-making humans 179 
The prehistory of mark making 181 
What is so special about these marks? The tyranny of modernity 183 
From “deliberateness” to “symbolic or representational intent” 185 
Were they symbols? 187 
What kind of line? Getting outside the engraver’s mind 190 
Learning to see: On being conscious of marks and pictures 194 
The liberation of sight 200 
Recomina svmbol-minded 205 
9 Becoming One with the Clay 227 
Thrown on the wheel 227 
At the potter's wheel: Agency in action 209 
Agency and “sense” of agency 213 
“| did it”: The problem of agency 215 
Agency in pottery making 221 
Time, agency, and material engagement 222 
Situated bodies and the feeling of clay 225

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