Full text: Leserbrief - Entgegnung zu einem Presseartikel über die bevorstehende Moskauer Wirtschaftskonferenz 1952

tz> pC&i / 
kJL/L^-t-^. Ut6o JJ-^-iyL*—) JJ JJß^Eß^f £-cf\JLA_ 
i^o*Z e-L, (aJ<-Ä. fs '^&-<si^£s> JlJ'*.-^<z^&u ^&<^4Z>üu<e^£, ^ 
'&** tz&J> Q ->'i*-g~ Ö^/ksiA,G-,' <£**'•?<-£<. .x ^-v» 
*y£g$ß~ '>»' <-*_<?£. iß t^<-^D S\ ^ 
Zß-*wo c&&c~ t -j/)) <£2*-y, <^Qsxj*. 
U) t*. ^'V'I-, /Z-<-t-c JG^IjOA- J^G-yCo. £Lc-*-<-^- 
^t-‘ c£t 'Trta&ßz. cA/ C^J2-, £t^a£j>Z 
C-uyO ^-*-t. ■€? <*«U «_ 
, 6 e^Cßy. J^C-i 
J&LcdL^X-, zs- Qj^cCjz 
tär &*b -y^cU^j €&e^t- ^ <yn~UjcL 
O^V <f J /e^< 
/^, CuL^yCt, 
B><$(Jt- - C£X^ 
aX&cfojt, , 
JJ-£a* jße<> J&ßi /ßsi£ Izßß f ***> c. 
(ßß? h^ ^ S/ßL^ 
/ r- / A. 
BScßz. -pL#-t‘<>7 / J?cßß^ lAcr^, cytA-^ l<y, r^>ü2JZß 
Zb^ <^oV3> z£.*'e£€_ c£&%, 
— /■ ~ hM? / -Z^-MÄß4 
^ yy-pjf''? Äa ^ ^ O>&A4s,J^0^L*~u 
-7-^A^e- £,'<&> . B-e^***. «® 
(ßL?~e cJJL <2^1 
CX*&—J~? <ß-Q-^> J) (QyiyC^c^t' Q-~cCe^/Ji' 
(tfjL? Os / - Jj^ (~ -/LAQ^^CeßL, 1 
Oß^tyvcß^ <X^- P^'t'l\ c3j^, Ds>/ 
Cgs&ß^O ß&C, &-CCj2-y^. CCLß. 
&X~> £P-c*_ 

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