Volltext: Konvolut Wealth and Income Distribution 5

of the person concerned, the time curve during the life 
being called the carrfier. The carrier will, of course, 
depend to some extent on the education, so that we have 
a link with the element from which we started. 
Can we assume that the hierarchy of grades evolves on 
known patterns leading to skew distributions? 
Such a pattern would result from a general consideration 
of the growing complication of society. As a result of 
scientific and technological developments the amount of 
information which must be held in store ready for use 
increases steadily. This leads to specialization; Here 
or there a specialist splits off from a qualification 
because the information cannot be managed any more, it 
has to be divided. The specialist usually will represent 
a higher grade than the qualification from which^ splits 
off. If specialists are generated as in a birth process, 
each grade bringing forth new specialists one grade 
higher in proportion to the parent population of each 
grade then we should obtain the logarithmic growth 
characteristic of the diffusion processes in economics. 
In addition wd require as a Second assumption that, 
growing pyramids (or hierarchies) of the type described 
exist at/different ages/- in different stage^/of develop 
ment - one beside the/other at the same tijrfe; and further


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