Full text: What is New Since Keynes?

The smaller firms also offer participation in profits 
to their staff . The cooperation between small entrepreneurs 
seems to be easier than between the divisions of a firm. 
2 Business Week April 18, 1983. 
"A reflection of these developments can be Seen in the" 
attempts of many big concerns to draw their lessons from them. 
They attempt to decentralise, to create units with 
a lot of independence which by their managers could be 
operated as if they constituted separate small firms. 
They also try to offer participation in the firms gains. 
They encourage productivity committees on the Japanese pattern. 
They increasingly concern themselves with the working 
conditions. This is paradoxical in a time of great 
unemployment: However, in technological industries the 
/v turnoverrate for the highly skilled staff even in these 
If / 
conditions is high. 
At the same time it seems that the economies of scale (internal) 
over a wide field are loosing importance. This is due to new 
techniques like microelectronics which facilitate greater 
flexibility ( ofmachine tools for example ). Miniaturisation 
as a technical principle runs in a direction right opposite 
\ 11 to the development whichhas dominated industrial life for 
a long time and which has had so manytinfortunate consequences. 
Re$uming^hese considerations we might say that it appears \ 
to be a characteristic and novel factor in present 
developments that the human element in industry is getting 
/V” OtCi. 
attention^ perhaps in some cases already taking 
precedence over technology. 
3 74,3 iUj Uua, 'Vtofe* [ jJvu>UcUcL1_ 
CrFi ph-*btt <rvv ! v-i“jou.•' v y —j

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