Full text: What is New Since Keynes?

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he complexity of the whole issue comes fron 
om the f§/5t tm 
both th-e initiative and experience of the firms - so highly 
praised by the believers in laissez faire - and the ^Vj 
coordination function of the government are needed 
and the interpray^jbetween the two requires great organisational 
effort. To~~coordinate Tlie government must Kin 
deal of knowledge of the most varied kind - technological •/ 
as well as socio-economic knowledge - and for this it C 
needs ajstaff of experts of very specific training. 
The trouble is that such training is very rare because 
our traditional organisation of subjects is such that 
the relevant knowledge belongs to the no-man’s land between 
the subjects. We have never thought of training systematically 
this type of peaple. Nor have we ever thought of systematically 
organising the study of questions which are relevant for 
the task of restructuring industry. It involves a new way 
of thinking and new attitudes which are completely alien 
to our politicians, public servants. They are not farsighted 
enough to think in such terms. 
It goes without saying that this is a very long term job.' 
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In pratice the development of new products and methods will 
not be possible without new entrepreneurs. They are able to 
bring a new dynamism into the development ( examples are 
silicon valley, the regional developments in the Toscana 
Modena and Emilia ). They are difficult to produce 
synthetically and governments have not been successful in 
trying that. Of course, all existing vested interest conspire 
against it. 
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