Full text: Failure or absence of structural policies

Another point is that the welfare state tends to reduce 
the citizen to a passive attitude depriving him of initiative 
c ! 
and active interest. A.Mitstherlich, a psycho-analyst whose 
general attitudes exclude pre-judices of a neo-conservative 
kind, jaiguws Ilia l iir^vTew of the - psychological component 
)f mdsst illnjeteses and'the imporths^ce of an\active 
ooperatsion bf uhe patiert^ in the fi^jt agains\ his eoiftplaintl! 
it is wrorW jto put Xim in thla position \^f a merely^ passive 
4 ia iJLaag£6J4a rpcMimt>Trdod-.- 
4 Alexander I|Iitscherlich, Fpeihei 
Krankheit- Stludien zur psychosomatischen 
rankheit als TT KQnflikt * . , 
Medizin %, 
Suhrkamp Verlhg Frankfurt/Main 1977. p|l46-147. 
mentions that in psycho-analytical treatment an important 
condition for success is that the patient should contribute 
a sensible amount to the payment of his cure. - ; 
j Appoint of vielw which might be considered is tha^Jtfee^weiffre^ 
• \ 
state is or ought to be an operation with 
which is fini 
hed once this aim is reached 
Yl&Ci U'OHyC 
aflimited aim 
This has 
not been accepted explicitly and the^reaction has partly 
been inspired by the fear that there is nq end of this 
process and therefore of the increase in ihe public spending. 
Feldstein notes two moments: Financial implications of 
legislation was sometimes not calculated (entitlements) 
and speding was based on t+re expection of growth which 
subsequently was not realised to the expected extent. 
| tCn ) 
Aeuu* t* ‘faCUe^ ! Tiu. o^ r 
/IC-cU sl^ t Xt*. \rfi-otfcu~ -fiw zA-e f f- / 
L, ifa , ^^ ^ v Vc^> 
Ce^c lO fa Ox* j 1

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