Full text: Semantics of ownership

"It recognizes and likes me." 
20 Mysticism 
"I had a dream/vision about it." 
21 Aesthetics 
"I really like it." 
22 Continuance 
"I've owned it up to now." 
23 Possession 
"I've got it." 
24 Affiliation 
"I'm one of the group that owns it." 
25 Tribute 
"I pay taxes on it." 
26 Consensus 
"Everybody agrees that I own it." 
27 Liability 
"If it causes damage, I have to pay." 
28 Assertion 
"I say its mine." 
29 Default 
"I'm the only one who wanted it." 
30 Official 
"It goes with the position I hold." 
31 Disbursement 
"I offer to share it/give it away." 
32 Identity 
"It is a part of me." 
33 Discovery 
"I found it first." 
34 Control 
"I have the keys for it." 
35 Social Deference 
"people ask my permission to use it." 
36 Spoils 
"I defeated the former owners." 
37 Desire 
"I want it." 
38 Social Benefit 
“It's better for everyone if I own it" Locke (1704/1978) 
Property Benefit 
"It's better for it if I am the owner."Locke (1704/1978) 
"I can destroy it if I want." 
Epstein {1979) 
Rousseau (1755/1978) 
Rousseau (1755/1978) 
Rousseau (1755/1978) 
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Locke (1704/1978) 
Epstein (1979) 

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