Full text: Semantics of ownership

page provided numbered spaces for subjects to list 10 
examples of things they owned and 10 examples of things they 
did not own. The instructions for the first section were as 
Complete the column on the left first, and then 
do the column on the right. Do not jump back and 
forth between lists. Just list examples however they 
come to mind. It is most important that you do these 
listings in one sitting, without help or discussion. 
Complete both listings before going on to the rest of 
the guestionnaire. 
The second section of the questionnaire consisted of 21 
pages. The instructions were as follows: 
Now for each of the example items you have 
listed, there is a page with 12 characteristics 
describing your relationship to the item. For 
example, Desire: "I want it," or Gift: "It was given 
to me." You are to judge how much these 
characteristics apply to each example item you have 
listed. Use the following answer scores: 
IL = Does not apply at all 
2 = Applies somewhat 
© = Applies mostly 
= Applies completely 
The upper left hand corner of each page has a 
space for writing in one of the items you have listed. 
The item codes are "0" for "OWNED" and "N" for "NOT 
OWNED", so that "Item N-4" means the fourth item in 
your list things you do not own, and "Item 0-8" means 
the eighth item in your list of things you own. 
Please note that it is important that you answer the 
questions by yourself, without help, discussion, or 
kibpitzing from other people. If you have any 
problems completing this questionnaire, you may 
contact Floyd Rudmin at his home in the early evenings 
(Tel. 549-6538). 
Then, for each of the 20 items in the recall lists there was 
a page of 12 questions, asking the subject to judge the

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