Full text: Semantics of ownership

TV, and VCR, as well as to compound nouns, such as 
dishwasher, chainsaw, etc. Only the generic nouns were used 
in subsequent tabulations and listings. 
Second, recall items were classified into one of 72 
categories that were developed on an ad hoc basis. (See 
Appendix G for a complete listing.) In most instances, a 
recall item was identical to, or synonymous with, its recall 
category. For nine of the 2400 exemplars, however, 
categorization was ditficult, "Mortgage" was categorized as 
a financial item, although it was a liability rather than an 
asset. "R2D2" was categorized as a computer because it was 
in a recall cluster with computer items. Similarly, "salmon 
fishing license" was categorized with businesses, "tarps" 
with farm equipment, and "wooden decoys" with guns. "Stamp 
collections" were categorized with memorabilia, "floor wax" 
with household utensils, "drapes" with small furniture, and 
"concrete mixer" with yard equipment. Each item was thus 
assigned a category number by the experimenter. 
Third, all recall items were classified for size. In 
the recall process, subjects were selectively reporting 
small sets of 10 items, and the selection process might have 
involved eriveris other than ownership. These extraneous 
criteria might have been purely subjective, Or perhaps 
social, or perhaps based on the perceived expectations of

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