Full text: Semantics of ownership

with a mean score of 2.43, consisted of Territoriality and 
History. It might be labelled with the legal term 
"Prescription" since it represents claims based on having 
items in personal territory for a long time. The fourth 
cluster, with a mean score of 2.03, consisted of Aesthetics 
and Desire. It might be labelled the "Attractiveness" 
cluster. As was mentioned earlier, the judgement values for 
these two criteria probably were inflated due to some 
subjects misinterpreting the word "justifications" in the 
instructions for the explicit judgements task. Based on the 
first pilot study (See Appendix B.), "Attractiveness" 
probably should be ranked lower than the final cluster. 
This consisted of Familiarity and Utility and had a mean 
score of 1.76. It might be labelled the "Familiar Tools" 
These interpretations of the cluster analyses are 
summarized in Table 12. The analysis of judgements of 
exemplars of things not owned was omitted. That analysis 
has only aw indirect bearing on the semantics of ownership. 
Also, note that the mean median judgement scores for each 
cluster have been set to a common scale by dividing the 
scores by the maximum range. For the analysis of the 
difference scores, the ownership range extended from 0 to 
+3, for a maximum range of three. The cluster values should 
be interpreted as the average proportional distance the

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