Full text: Ownership as interpersonal dominance

ABASEMENT: Shows a high degree of humility, accepts blame & criticism even when not 
deserved; willing to accept an inferior position; tends to be self-effacing. 
Meek, self-accusing, self-blaming, obsequious, self-belittling, surrendering, resigned, 
self-critical, humble, apologizing, subservient, obedient, yielding, deferential, 
AFFILIATION: Enjoys being with friends and people in general; accepts people readily; 
makes efforts to win friendships and maintain associations with people. 
Neighborly, loyal, warm, amicable, good-natured, friendly, companionable, genial, affable, 
cooperative, gregarious, hospitable, sociable, affiliative, good-willed. 
AUTONOMY: Tries to break away from restraints, confinement, or restrictions of any kind; 
enjoys being unattached, free, not tied to people, places, or obligations; may be rebellious when 
faced with restraint. ; 
Unmanageable, free, self-reliant, independent, autonomous, rebellious, unconstrained, 
individuatistic, ungovernable, self-determined, non-conforming, uncompliant, undominated, 
resistant, lone-wolf. 
CHANGE: Likes new and different experiences; dislikes routine and avoids it; may readily 
change opinions or values in different circumstances; adapts readily to changes in 
Inconsistent, fickle, flexible, unpredictable, wavering, mutable, adaptable, changeable, 
irregular, variable, capricious, innovative, flighty, vacillating, inconsistent. 
DEFENDENCE: Ready to defend self against real or imagined harm from other people; 
takes offense easily; does not accept criticism readily. 
Self-protective, justifying, denying, defensive, self-condoning, suspicious, secretive, has 
a "chip on the shoulder”, resists inquiries, protesting, wary, self-excusing, rationalizing, 
guarded, touchy. 
DOMINANCE: Attempts to control environment, and to influence or direct other people; 
expresses opinions forcefully; enjoys the role of leader and may assume it spontaneously. 
Governing, controlling, commanding, domineering, influential, persuasive, forceful, 
ascendant, leading, directing, dominant, assertive, authoritative, powerful, supervising. 
NUTURANCE: Gives sympathy and comfort; assists others whenever possible; interested 
in caring for children, the disabled, or the infirmed; offers a "helping hand” to those in need; 
readily performs favors for others. 
Sympathetic, paternal, helpful, benevolent, encouraging, caring, protective, comforting, 
maternal, supporting, aiding, ministering, consoling, charitable, assisting. 
ORDER: Concerned with keeping personal effects and surroundings neat and organized: 
dislikes clutter, confusion, lack of organization; interested in developing methods for keeping 
materials methodically organized. 
Neat, organized, tidy, systematic, well-ordered, disciplined, prompt, consistent, orderly, 
clean, methodical, scheduled, planful, unvarying, deliberate. 
SOCIAL RECOGNITION: Desires to be held in high esteem by acquaintances; concern 
reputation and what other people think; works for approval and recognition from others. 
Approval seeking, proper, well-behaved, seeks recognition, courteous, makes good 
impression, seeks respectability, accommodating, socially proper, seeks admiration, obliging, 
agreeable, socially sensitive, desirous of credit, behaves appropriately. 
DESIRABILITY: Describes self in terms judged as desirable; consciously or 
unconsciously, accurately or inaccurately, presents favorable picture of self in response to 
personality statements.

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