Full text: The law of property

X Mortgagee’s rights among Oy pselves. Subroga- 
tion see 
(Subrogation by operation of law, Conventional 
subrogation, Select committee report, Mort- 
gagor, mortgagee, and co-mortgagor, Purchasers 
of property, Mortgagee paying off with mortgage 
money, Old law of intention, Present law, 
Ayyareddi’s case, Covenant and Subrogation, 
Exceptions, Equitable Subrogation, No partial 
XI Mortgagee’s rights among themselves. Marshall- 
ing and Contribution oe 
{Marshalling, Conditions, Contribution, Con- 
flict with Marshalling, Contract to the contrary 
and transferees, Remedies of co-mortgagor). 
XII Charges—The doctrine of Merger oe 
Charges, Distinction between Charge and 
Mortgage, Formalities, Remedies of charge 
holder. Trustee’s charge, Merger, Toulmin v 
Steere, Rules regarding notice). 
XIII Leases. Different kinds of tenancies ee. 
(Definition and formalities, Tenancy from year 
to year and month to month, Tenancy at will 
and by sufferance, Duration of leases. Option to 
XIV Rights and liabilities of Lessor and Lessee “ 
(Duties of Lessor, Section 108, Title in Sales 
and Leases, Possession, Quiet enjoyment, English 
law, Dispossession and ouster, Transfer by 
lessor. Relation between the various covenants). 
XV Duties of Lessor and Lessee, (contd.) ... 
Rights and liabilities of lessee. Waste, Fixtures 
and Repairs, Accession and Emblements, 
Destruction of Property, Transfer by lessee. 
Privity of estate and contract. Subleases, 
Transfer by lessor, Covenants between landlord 
and tenant). 
XVI Determination of Leases . 
(Section 111, Surrender, Forfeiture, Relief. 
Sections 114 and 114A. Waiver of forfeiture- 
Section 112. Rule in Dumpor’s case, Notice to 
quit, Waiver of Notice. Section 113, Effect of 
surrender or forfeiture on underleases, Holding 
over, Section 116). 

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