Full text: The confessions of Saint Augustine

BOOK V . 64 
St. Augustine’s twenty-ninth year. Faustus, a snare of Satan to 
many, made an instrument of deliverance to St. Augustine, by 
showing the ignorance of the Manichees on those things, where- 
in they professed to have divine knowledge. Augustine gives up 
all thought of going further among the Manichees: is guided to 
Rome and Milan, where he hears St. Ambrose, leaves the Mani- 
chees, and becomes again a catechumen in the Church Catholic. 
BOOK VI . 83 
Arrival of Monnica at Milan; her obedience to St. Ambrose, and 
his value for her; St. Ambrose’s habits; Augustine’s gradual 
abandonment of error; finds that he has blamed the Church 
Catholic wrongly; desire of absolute certainty, but struck with 
the contrary analogy -of God’s natural providence; how shaken 
in his worldly pursuits; God’s guidance of his friend Alypius; 
Augustine debates with himself and his friends about their mode 
of life; his inveterate sins, and dread of judgment. 
BOOK VII . 104 
Augustine’s thirty-first year, gradually extricated from his errors, 
but still with material conceptions of God ; much aided by an 
argument of Nebridius; sees that the cause of sin lies in free-will, 
rejects the Manichzan heresy, but cannot altogether embrace 
the doctrine of the Church; recovered from the belief in Astrol- 
ogy, but perplexed about the origin of evil ; is led to find in the 
Platonists the seeds of the Doctrine of the Divinity of the Worp, 
but not of His humiliation; but, not knowing Christ to be the 
Mediator, remains estranged from Him; all his doubts removed 
by the study of Holy Scripture, especially St. Paul. 
BOOK VIII . 127 
Augustine's thirty-second year. He consults Simplicianus ; from 
him hears the history of the conversion of Victorinus, and longs 
to devote himself entirely to God, but is mastered by his old 
habits; is still further roused by the history of St. Antony, and 
of the conversion of two courtiers; during a severe struggle, 
hears a voice from heaven, opens Scripture, and is converted.

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