Full text: The confessions of Saint Augustine

BOOK IX . 149 
Augustine determines to devote his life to God, and to abandon 
his profession of Rhetoric, quietly however; retires to the coun- 
try to prepare himself to receive the grace of Baptism, and is 
baptised with Alypius, and his son Adeodatus. At Ostia, in his 
way to Africa, his mother Monnica dies. Her life and character. 
BOOK X + 173 
Having in the former books spoken of himself before his receiv- 
ing the grace of Baptism, in this Augustine confesses what he 
then was. But first, he enquires by what faculty we can know 
God at all; whence he enlarges on the mysterious character of 
the memory. Then he examines his own trials under the triple 
division of temptation, “lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and 
pride”; what Christian continency prescribes as to each. On 
Christ the Only Mediator, Who heals all infirmities. 
BOOK XI « 213 
Augustine breaks off the history of the mode whereby God led 
him to holy Orders, in order to “confess” God's mercies in open- 
ing to him the Scripture. Moses is not to be understood, but in 
Christ, not even the first words In the beginning God created 
the heaven and the earth. Answer to cavillers who asked, “What 
did God before He created the heaven and the earth?” Inquiry 
into the nature of Time. 
BOOK XII « 240 
Augustine proceeds to comment on Genesis I, i, and explains 
the “heaven” to mean that spiritual and incorporeal creation, 
which cleaves to God unintermittingly; “earth,” the formless 
matter whereof the corporeal creation was afterwards formed. 
He does not reject, however, other interpretations, but rather 
confesses that such is the depth of the Holy Scripture, that mani- 
fold senses may and ought to be extracted from it, and that 
whatever truth can be obtained from its words, does, in fact, 
lie concealed in them. 
BOOK XIII - 268 
Continuation of the exposition of Genesis I; it contains the mys- 
tery of the Trinity, and a type of the formation, extension, and 
support of the Church.

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