Full text: Certificate of Registration Nr. 646881

1. Before you effect a permanent change of residence (from the last 
address shown in this Certificate) you must give the Police of the 
district in which you reside your new address and the date on 
which you intend to move 
2. If your new residence is in another Police district you must, 
within 48 hours of yuur arrival there, report to the Police of 
the new district. 
3. a temporary absence of less than 14 days from your permanent 
residence need not be reported, but if such absence exceeds 14 days 
you must report your temporary address and all r.'bsequen' 
changes of address (im. biding your r turn home) to the Police of 
the district where yon ire registered. This may he done by leiibr. 
4. If you stay at an ted*?« it ¡ng-ho-’S', boarding-house or other 
phu e where lodging’ * provided for p. i lent yc u fn’i .t, on ■rriv, 
write your nan national! . the mu iher c this Geitiiic. e, afui 
the address iroi-u which yen 1 -. a come, and, before leaving, inust 
write the addros£ to which ' b u > bend to go on the form, provided 
for the purpose 
5. You mast report to the- ° lice of the district where you are 
registered, within 48 horn . any . ha. ge in any of tb personal 
partirulai giver within (in *adihg ].roi. «sion or occui -.non), also 
marriage, divorc , or death of husband or wife. 
6. Your children, if not British, must have separate Cer ates when 
they reach the age of 16. 
Failure 4 .o compì, with any of Js above requirements, 
making any false & rtement with regard to registration or 
with regard to this certificate, 
altering this cfei tificate or any entry upon it, 
refusing to prpduce this certificate when l^-T-dly required 
to do so, or 
having in possession or usin, wit bout lawful authority any 
forged, alte ed*,.or irreguia eri.ific.ic3, p^ r.part. or othc 
document concerned with r ¿istration, 
will gender the offender liable to be detained bi custoc/ and to 
a fine oft *-00 <>»■ six months* imprisonment. 
(393/2775)t Wt. 29084-841 50,000 9/39 H & S, Ltd. Gp 393.

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