Volltext: Note on the Fragmentation of Disciplines

mentation would be very effectively countered. 
Social science policy, if it could set on foot such 
research projects, might therefore go a long way in 
establishing interdisciplinary co-operation. It is 
for this reason, amongst others, that the Austrian 
side has suggested to OECD the initiation of inter 
national research projects of a type which would be 
socially relevant and would require interdisciplinary 
co-operation, such as, for example, the problem of 
migration which is of very great concern to govern- 
* } 
ments and others. ' 
J. Steindl 
April 1973 
'It is recognized that interdisciplinary co-operation, 
enforced by the terms of a research contract, is 
often a sham if the persons concerned are not keen 
on co-operation. This will not be the case, however, 
if the work cannot be carried out without co-opera 
tion, because of the design of a research programme 
which sets concrete tasks which are otherwise im 
possible to fulfill. This presupposes, of course, 
a well thought out research programme. 
It is always possible, moreover, to assure co-operation 
by the choice of the research team.


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