Volltext: Introduction to papers on stochastic processes

models (Random processes, Chapter II) shows, the Pareto 
distribution would not exist. Thus my investigations, tentative 
though they are, go beyond the conditions in which the ergodic 
theorem holds, and which the physicists have already studied in 
such great detail: The statistical mechanics from Gibbs to 
Kolmogoroff and Khintchine. 
Finally it may be mentioned that the stochastic problems are 
nearer than most other economics to the kind of question asked 
in science. They are inspired by the observation of 
regularities while most other economic questions are directly 
or indirectly linked to economic policy problems or to 
ideology. The difference ultimately may be only gradual because 
also the stochastic models embody themes which are clearly 
linked to "political" questions such as / for example^ the role 
which free 
entry and 
social mobility plays for the distribution


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