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Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.75.1
Description: " In other words various types of restricitve policy [monetary or fiscal tightness] may be contradictory in relation to various aims. The high interest policy [...] will lead to higher budget deficits. [...] On the other hand, a policy of increasing taxation [...] will raise prices and wages and so facilitate the continuing merry go round of prices shifted to wages and vice versa. In fact, in an inflationary process the budget policy is continuously faced with the choice of either passing on their increased cost, or letting the deficit rise."(Auszug, S. 1-2)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.68.3
Description: "All methods of stimulating private investment are effective only in so far as they lead to an increase in exports." (Auszug, Seite 5)
Author: Unbekannt
Shelfmark: S/M.78.9
Description: "As I enjoy the priviledge of being at your service this afternoon, I think I will give way to the presentations accoring to our schedule."
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich 1952]
Shelfmark: S/M.56.9
Description: "Das Dunkel das über die Zusammenhänge der österreichischen Wirtschaft gebreitet ist, wird in letzter Zeit immer häufiger durch einzelne Blitzlichter erhellt. Ein solcher Blitz ist durch den letzten Bericht des Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung gefahren. Es wird dort festgestellt, dass unsere Deviseneingänge wesentlich geringer sind als sie es nach der offiziellen Handelsstatistik sein sollten. [...] Es ist kaum übertrieben, wenn man annimmt, dass der unsichtbare Kapitalexport mindestens ebenso groß ist wie der früher genannte statistisch nachweisbare Kapitalexport. Daraus ergibt sich also, dass in jüngster Zeit ein Kapitalexport von insgesamt 180 Millionen Dollar pro Jahr stattgefunden hat." (Auszug, S.1 u. 2)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.77.5
Description: "Dear friends, I have had so far the privilege of leaning back and listening only..." (Auszug, S.1) Participants: T. Scitovsky (Stanford University): The Political Economy of Josef Steindl; G.C. Harcourt (University of Cambridge): Josef Steindl – What He Means to my Generation; A. Roncaglia (University of Rome): Josef Steindl’s Relations to Italian Economics; A. Guger, E. Walterskirchen (WIFO): Steindl at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research; K. Cowling (University of Warwick): Monopoly Capitalism and Stagnation P. Sylos-Labini (University of Rome); J. A. Kregel (University of Bologna): Some Reflections on Technical Progress in Financing Small Firms; H. D. Kurz (University of Graz): Growth and Distribution; P. Rosner (University of Vienna): Josef Steindl on Marx; K. Laski (WIIW): Effective Demand and the Transition Process in Eastern Europe; G. Chaloupek (AK-Wien): The Concept of Maturity and the Transformation of Economic Systems; G. Tichy (University of Graz): Steindl on Instability and Stabilization Policy; E. Matzner (University of Technology): The Context in Economic Policy.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [04.1978]
Shelfmark: S/M.3.12
Description: A great deal of dust has settled on this little book since it was published, and the subject has been covered by other boks with more recent documentation, experience and insights. Some of my own opinions have changed and in part this reflects changes in the world. (Auszug, S. 1)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.3.8
Description: A theoretical discussion of the problem of size must start from the so-called "economies of large scale"; their existence is generally recognized by all economists and, as will be shown, among all the factors influencing the relative fortunes of firms of various size, they are probably the primary factor. It will be convenient to start with an exposition of the views of Alfred Marshall on the problem. (Auszug, Seite 1 des 1. Kapitels)
Author: Kregel, Jan A.
Shelfmark: S/M.35.2
Description: Against transformation: a command economy cannot be 'transformed' into a market-based economy by privatising state property and abolishing the Ministry of Planning; A market based economy can only be created by producing new property whose disposition in the economic process is subject to individual decisions. (Auszug, S. 1)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.28.3
Description: Aggregation (Seite 1), Identifizierung (Seite 2-3), Wachstum (Seite 4-6), Investment function (Seite 7-10), Jenseits des OECD-Berichts (Seite 11), Bedarfsanalyse (Seite 12-14), Ross Ashby (Seite 15-17), Hochschulplanung (Seite 18), Stimulus der Konjunktur (Seite 19-20).
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1973]
Shelfmark: S/M.53.4
Description: Aggregation (Seite 1), Identifizierung (Seite 2-3), Wachstum (Seite 4-6), Investment function (Seite 7-10), Jenseits des OECD-Berichts (Seite 11), Bedarfsanalyse (Seite 12-14), Ross Ashby (Seite 15-17), Hochschulplanung (Seite 18), Stimulus der Konjunktur (Seite 19-20).

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