Josef Steindl

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Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.4.1
Description: Einfluss der Sozialpartnerschaft auf die österreichische Wirtschaftspolitik, Löhne und Konjunkturentwicklung.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.14.1
Description: Einkommens- und Vermögensverteilung, Pareto-Verteilung, Allometrie.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.43.1
Description: Einkommens- und Vermögensverteilung, Pareto-Verteilung, Allometrie. The discussion of the relations of income and wealth will now be extended to take account of influences in both directions. The starting point will be the regression of income on wealth which seems to be linear as far as our data go. This may be regarded as a case of allometry, in analogy to a "law" well known to biologists: Various parts of an organism grow at different but constant rates and as a result the proportions of their sizes (on log scale) remain constant in the growing body. Thus in our case the income is y=kw+yo, where we suppose that the distribution of income and wealth reflects a growth process which has taken place in the past. (Auszug, S.1)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1990]
Shelfmark: S/M.28.5
Description: Erster Teil (Notizblätter klein): Notizen zu Steedman vermutlich in Zusammenhang mit Steedmans Publikation "Questions for Kaleckians", 2. Teil: Microfoundation of Macroeconomics, 3. Teil: Productivity, 4. Teil: Gedanken zu Nationalismus und separatistischen Bewegungen und der Brutalität der in diesem Zusammenhang verübten Gewaltausbrüche und Massaker.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.6.1
Description: Eurosclerosis, Kohl as a Keynsian, General effort of eastern trade and investment, U.S. indebtedness, How will the finance dominated system end?, "Markt" als Instrument der Evolution.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1971]
Shelfmark: S/M.17.2
Description: For a more realistic model we shall now have to consider individual wealth at each step instead of the the wealth of the whole dynasty, as we did (virtually) in model I. We imagine a distribution in dimensions t,k, K. The wealth will not depend any more on k and t alone; it will vary according to indivisual fortune, estate tax, number of heirs in each case, and share of the heir. (Auszug, S. 1)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.45.1
Description: For the purposes of my theory I need two hypotheses: 1) Beyond a point the stimulation of private investment must lead to the creation of new capacity. This is because the possibilities of replacing old equipment prematurely by technically superior new equipment are getting exhausted after a time, because you cannot go on reducing the life-time of equipment indefinetely. 2) There is a very strong tendency to dump the output of new capacity abroad and not on the home market. Firms prefer to leave the oligopolistic equilibrium in the home market undisturbed and retain traditional mark up there. Their aggressive behaviour is turned towards the foreign markets where they compete with all means especually price competition. (Auszug, S. 6)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1990]
Shelfmark: S/M.58.12
Description: Große Wirtschaftsgebiete verhindern keine Polarisierung zwischen Gebieten ökonomischer Kraft und Gebieten des Rückstandes und der Vernachlässigung.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.42.1
Description: Harris, tauterian theorems, renewal theorem, Mellin transformation, random walk, duality, ballot theorem, ladder heights, Wiener-Hopf factorisation, Wiener-Hopf integral equation, branching formula, Fourier, Wald, Wald's identity.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1974]
Shelfmark: S/M.45.3
Description: How far are the ideas from "Maturity and Stagnation" relevant for other countries and for more recent periods.

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