Josef Steindl

Results: 2111
Place of publication: Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.]
Shelfmark: S/332.4/C779 (.70)
Description: Aktienmarkt
Author: Smith, Charles
Place of publication: London
Shelfmark: S/51/S642 (.24)
Description: Algebra
Author: Turnbull, Herbert W.
Place of publication: Edingburgh [u.a.]
Shelfmark: S/51/T942 (4)
Description: Algebraische Gleichung
Author: Wooldridge, RoylanceRactliffe, John F.
Place of publication: London
Shelfmark: S/00/W913
Description: ALGOL
Place of publication: Berlin
Shelfmark: S/330.13/A466
Description: Alternative Wirtschaftspolitik
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.77.3
Description: Altogether our world seems to be dominated not only by finance, but more specifically by short run speculation. Autonomous economic policies are called in question by lack of controll over interest and exchange rates and over capital movements. (Auszug, S.1)
Author: Morley, Derek Wragge
Place of publication: Harmondsworth
Shelfmark: S/57/M864 (.55)
Description: Ameisen
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.3.4
Description: Analogie zwischen technischem Fortschritt und biologischer Evolution, Interaktion von Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft (Wirtschaft).
Author: Fearnsides, William GeorgeBulman, Oliver Meredith Boone
Place of publication: Harmondsworth, Middlesex [u.a.]
Shelfmark: S/62/F288
Description: Angewandte Geologie
Place of publication: Hassocks
Shelfmark: S/93/H684 L1 (.77)
Description: Arbeiterbewegung