Crowdsourcing / Expert Sourcing

As part of a combined expert sourcing and crowdsourcing initiative, we are inviting experts and members of the interested public to transcribe documents written by hand, tag contents, and annotate documents.

Transcription and full-text editing

As part of the digitization process, automatic character recognition tools were used to process some of the digitized materials. Character recognition technology may produce errors and is, in general, unable to process texts written by hand. For this reason, we are asking you to help us complete and revise our full-text documents.

Introducing content

Many pages of our digitized documents contain valuable information that is not yet indexed for detailed searches. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze and tag the contents manually to enable in-depth searches, e.g. for specific people, keywords, locations, events, etc.

Adding comments

A comment field is available for adding comments on content items in the corresponding document.

Important notice for editing work:

When editing full-text documents, our goal is to create faithful copies of the originals. This means that any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, dots, dashes and slashes, etc. found in the original should be preserved when correcting the digitized document.

What if I make a mistake and ruin a text?

It is not possible to ruin or permanently damage anything. In addition, we carry out random checks and review the edited entries. Users can also revise and correct entries made by other users.

How can I participate?

  • Sign up with a valid email address (proceed to sign-up)
  • Select a document for full-text editing or content item tagging
  • Go to the bibliographic data section and select the menu item “crowdsourcing > collaborate on digitized material”
  • Correct the selected full-text pages or tag content items such as people, institutions, or locations
  • Once you have saved your changes, the corrections and additions immediately become available to other users

Note to user

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