Possession, Ownership, Property

Possession, Ownership, Property
Treffer: 11
Autor/in: Rudmin, Floyd W.
Ort: Kingston, Ontario
Beschreibung: A thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts. Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada, September 1983.
Ort: La Salle, Ill
Signatur: A/B658
Beschreibung: Eigentum
Autor/in: Rudmin, Floyd WBelk, Russell WFurby, Lita
Ort: Monticello, Ill
Signatur: A/R916
Beschreibung: Eigentum
Ort: Corte Madera, Calif
Signatur: A/R916 T6
Beschreibung: Eigentum
Ort: Provo, Utah
Signatur: A/R916 M4
Beschreibung: Konsumgesellschaft
Autor/in: Beaglehole, Ernest
Ort: New York